Things to Do and Places to See in Kihei, Hawaii

There are many things to do and places to see in Kihei. There is the Kihei Caffe, Es, Coconut’s Cafe, and Molokini Crater, to name a few. If you’re visiting Kihei, you’ll probably want to visit all of them!


There are many places to eat in Kihei Hawaii, but one of the best is 808 Deli, a popular breakfast and lunch spot. With a full menu of gourmet sandwiches, specialty sandwiches, and hotdogs, this place is a favorite with both locals and visitors. Families can also enjoy the deli’s World Famous Pudding, which comes in a variety of flavors.

For beer lovers, the town’s Dog and Duck Irish pub serves up multiple domestic beers for $3. In addition, the South Shore Tiki Lounge and Diamonds both feature $3 drafts daily. There are several places to get cheap drinks in Kihei, and most of them have a happy hour.

For a night out on the town, try out Kihei’s Fourth Friday street party. From 6 to 9pm, the Azeka Mauka shopping center closes to traffic and hosts local pop-up booths selling food and craft items. There are also live performances at the nearby Diamonds Bar. The whole event is free and a great way to get a taste of local life.

If you love the outdoors, try out the local trails. You can take a bike ride or a walk in the area. The Maui Bicycling League also offers group rides, events, and maps. If you’re into running, you can join the Kihei Road Runners, a group of runners. On Wednesdays, they meet at the Kihei Community Center to enjoy a leisurely 4-mile loop. They usually end the run with pizza.

Kihei is home to some of Hawaii’s best beaches. There are three separate beaches, known as Kam 1, Kam 2, and Kam 3. All three are just steps from restaurants and shopping centers, and offer plenty of amenities.

Kihei Caffe

Kihei, Hawaii has lots of cool things to do, and many of them are family-friendly. The island’s convenient location makes most of the activities and attractions easy to reach by foot. You can stroll along the beach, visit a farmers market, and dine at a variety of restaurants. There are also plenty of nightlife options, from karaoke clubs to sports bars.

If you’re visiting Kihei with kids, make sure to check out the Keiki Zone, which offers fun activities for kids. Kids can try balloon modelling, face-painting, and fun science experiments, and there are plenty of fun activities for adults, too. And of course, don’t forget the shave ice! Kihei is home to some of the island’s best eateries.

Aside from the beach, Kihei’s Azeka Shopping Center is a great place to check out local entertainment. There are live bands and street performers, as well as art and craft stands and food trucks. You can check out Kihei’s famous Fourth Friday celebration and buy locally-made souvenirs.

If you’re a beer drinker, there are several good bars and restaurants with a wide variety of beer and wine. You can grab a $3 beer at the Dog and Duck Irish bar, the South Shore Tiki Lounge, and Diamonds. A few of these places have live music every night at sunset, and you’ll definitely enjoy your drink!

If you’re into wildlife, you can also take in some whale watching in Kihei. This is an especially popular activity between December and April. While you can view humpback whales from shore, you’ll have a better chance of seeing them from a kayak or raft. The nearby Molokini Crater offers amazing snorkeling experiences and visibility of up to 150 feet. There are also over 250 species of colorful fish, making it one of the best places to go in Kihei, Hawaii.

Coconut’s Cafe

Coconut’s Cafe is a great place to have a delicious Hawaiian meal. It opened in 2009 and quickly became a popular spot among tourists and locals. Although there are several locations of this popular restaurant, this one is the only one in Kihei. It has won several awards and features surfboard tables and bamboo throughout. There is also an extensive menu and a fun atmosphere.

The staff is pleasant and the food is very delicious. The prices are reasonable. You can get takeout here as well. It is possible to order online or through Uber Eats. Coconut’s Cafe offers free delivery to nearby areas. You can track your food and review it using the app.

Coconut’s Cafe serves some of the best fish tacos on the island. There are three locations of Coconut’s on the island. There’s one in Kihei and another in Kihei. Guests often recommend the coconut shrimp, fish tacos, and tuna poke. The ice cream is also quite tasty. You can order a glass of wine or beer and complement your meal with great coffee.

Kihei beaches are family-friendly and popular with visitors. However, during weekends and holidays, the beaches can get crowded. The nearby Kealia Pond is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The Kihei Kalama Village has plenty to offer for nature lovers, with shopping, dining, and souvenirs.

Molokini Crater

If you’re looking for a natural wonder in Hawaii, Molokini Crater is a must-see destination. It’s located three miles southwest of Maui and can only be reached by boat, raft, or catamaran. The best time to visit is early morning. The ride back is even more thrilling. You can even snorkel in the crater, a truly unique experience.

The crater is also a federally-owned seabird sanctuary, where you can spot whale sharks and other seabirds. The crater is home to more than 200 species of fish and 38 types of hard coral. You’ll also find humpback whales and reef sharks.

The waters around Molokini Crater are rich with marine life. You can see black triggerfish, bluefin trevally, and yellow tang. You’ll also spot moray eels and raccoon butterflyfish. There are also rare sightings of whale sharks in the crater.

Molokini Crater is located three miles off the southwest coast of Maui. You can reach it by boat or charter boat. A commercial use permit is required to visit Molokini Crater. The boat departure and arrival ports are conveniently located in Kihei and Makena. You can also get a boat from Maalaea Harbor.

You can also go snorkeling at Molokini Crater. This is only possible if you have time for a two-day port on Maui. This is a good idea only if you are certified in scuba diving. You should also check the weather conditions when visiting Molokini Crater. While the weather is usually nice, the trade winds can make snorkeling difficult.

When visiting Molokini Crater, make sure you wear a full face mask. While you’re there, you’ll see whitetip reef sharks. The young ones are protected by the coral reef, while the adults hang out near the bottom of the crater. Whale sharks also visit the crater regularly. If you’re a tourist in the area, you may want to join the Pacific Whale Foundation’s family-friendly snorkeling tours.

Kealia Pond

Visitors can see a variety of birds at Kealia Pond, a bird sanctuary located in Kihei. Some of these species are resident, including the Hawaiian Coot and Pacific Golden-Plover. Other birds that may be seen on the pond are Ruddy Turnstone, Semipalmated Plover, and Sharp-tailed Sandpiper. The pond has also hosted a White-faced Ibis.

Visitors can view the pond from a coastal boardwalk along N Kihei Rd or the visitor center located off Mokulele Highway at the six-mile marker. The pond is home to several native waterbird species, including the endangered Hawaiian coot.

Kealia Pond is one of Maui’s hidden wetland treasures. The park is a great place to see endangered Hawaiian waterbirds, as well as migratory birds in the winter. Kealia Pond is open every day, but the best time to go is around October to March, when the bird population is at its highest.

Nearby, visitors can also enjoy the white sand beaches of Keawakapu, a half-mile-long stretch of white sand. There are secluded spots to enjoy the sunset and watch the sun rise. While visiting Kihei, visitors can also enjoy the community’s friendly vibes.

Volunteers are also needed to help maintain and restore the Kealia Pond. The Friends of Kealia Pond is currently working on a native plant restoration project, with the help of volunteers. They will provide aeroponic units that volunteers can use to plant rooted cuttings into small bales made of native seeds. The goal is to bring back native flora to the Kealia National Wildlife Refuge.

The crater is approximately 23 acres, and is home to more than 250 species of fish. It also is home to over 38 species of coral. Most visitors go snorkeling early in the morning, when winds are weaker and the water is calmer. The crystal-clear waters provide a clear, shallow dive. The area is also known for live entertainment and delicious street foods.

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