• Third Coast International Audio Festival: A Jerusalem Love Story
  • KCRW\'s Unfictional: Meet the Family
  • Living on Earth: At Home with Humba, the Mountain Gorilla
  • This American Life: Seven-Year Snitch
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From our Partners

August 24, 2012 Milena 0

Bending Borders seeks to bring you fresh, alternative and unexpected perspectives on all-things-world. Our primary medium is audio, however we are dedicated to partnering with […]

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DNA of Dance

August 24, 2012 Milena 0

By Sara Baur Harding | Every so often, there is a seemingly random moment that we may pass by but instead pay attention to – […]

A Fistful of Matzoh

June 6, 2012 Karen Lowe 0

 By al-Sarsara When this reporter went to Syria to study advanced Arabic, she was warned that she had two strikes against her: She was American […]