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Inside the Jobar Synagogue, outside of Damascus, where Elijah became a prophet.

A Fistful of Matzoh

 By al-Sarsara When this reporter went to Syria to study advanced Arabic, she was warned that she had two strikes against her: She was American and a Jew. Being an American it turned out wasn’t such a liability and pretty easy to duck. But being Jewish… well, that seemed more risky. So, she kept a […]


In Afghanistan, A Woman’s Nose Can Be Her Destiny

By Greg Warner Marriage prospects can balance on a lot of things: Money, status, geography.  But for some women in Afghanistan, Greg Warner learned, the shape of her nose can determine whether she makes it to the altar. This production aired as part of our “Love is Complicated” series, part of the Global Story Project […]

Afghan Men Laughing

So, a Mullah Walks into a Bazaar

By Greg Warner You don’t hear much about humor in Afghanistan. But Zach knew from his travels that Afghans can be funny. So, he set out to publish the first Afghan joke book. Greg and Zak introduce us to the lighter side of Afghan culture.


On Being Zimbabwean and Passing as South African

By Gretchen Wilson  There are places in the world where lying about you are might keep you alive. That’s the case for many Zimbabweans living in South Africa. After Zimbabwe began its spectacular economic and political collapse, about a quarter of the population has fled the country. Most headed to South Africa, where many were […]

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