Things to Do in Tabor City, Georgia

There are many things to do in Tabor City, including attractions, activities, and shopping. You can read on to learn about them. You can also find information on the various restaurants in Tabor City. Listed below are a few recommendations. Enjoy! And don’t forget to shop for some souvenirs!


There are many family-friendly activities to enjoy in Tabor City, Georgia. The Tabor City Museum is a fun place to visit, and the local children’s library offers a variety of programs for kids. Other kid-friendly attractions include Tabor Swamp Park and the C.W. Bill Youngblood Heritage Museum.

Tabor City got its name from the Mount Tabor Baptist Church, which was founded in 1838. The name was a reference to Mount Tabor, a biblical mountain. The community grew in size over the years, and it incorporated in 1904. In the early 1900s, the town was organized as a village.

Tabor City has many parks, including a lake and a water park. There is also a pool and tennis courts. The Tabor-Loris Tribune has been published in Tabor City since 1946, and the AM-1370 station WTAB serves the community. You can also follow the station’s online feed.


Visitors to Tabor City can find a variety of activities for the entire family. There are several museums, restaurants and other attractions that cater to kids of all ages. One of the city’s most popular attractions is the Tabor City Maze. Another popular attraction is the Tabor City Public Library, which offers a variety of activities for children.

The city is home to many parks, including Tabor City Lake. There are also two pools and tennis courts in the city. Visitors can also visit Tabor City Creamery and the Tabor City Adventure Zone. The city is named for Moses Tabor, an early settler. The area has a high quality of life and is well-connected by car and bus.

The city was once home to four open reservoirs on Mount Tabor. These reservoirs provided water to the area for decades. However, in 1990, the city sold one reservoir to private developers and decommissioned the rest. Since then, the reservoirs have become an historic landmark and provide a scenic backdrop for park activities. They provide incredible views of the surrounding west hills and southeast Portland.


If you are in the mood for some delicious Tabor City takeout, there are many places to choose from. There are several restaurants and stores in the area that offer free delivery and pick-up. You can also find places that offer delivery by Uber Eats, which means you can get your food delivered without the need to leave your house.

Restaurants in Tabor City include Maxime’s Restaurant, which is located at 300 South Main Street. This restaurant offers delivery service, takeout, and drive-through service. Check out the tabor-loris-tribune for more information. Once you have a list of restaurants, you can make reservations online.


If you’re looking for unique and affordable items, shopping in Tabor City may be the perfect way to go. There are many thrift stores in Tabor City that accept donations and offer unique items. You can also visit pawn shops in the city to sell and buy jewelry. All of these stores offer great prices and are a great place to make deals.

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