Fleur De Lis Salt Taste Just Like the Real Thing

fleur de sel

Fleur De Lis Salt Taste Just Like the Real Thing

Fleur de sel, better known as a flower of salt in France, is a pretty pink flower that comes in a few different colors. Its scent reminds me of strawberries and the sweet smell of sea water. While the scent of sea water itself isn’t too strong, the smell of the flower of salt is very pungent and it does have a very distinctive smell. I can’t exactly say it’s a pleasant scent, but I can say it’s rather pleasant in comparison to other scents.

The fleur de sel used for perfumes and deodorants is rather delicate and feminine. It has a medium moisture content, which is actually quite surprising given its scientific name of “selena serrata,” but it also has some oil content which gives it an incredible rich smell. This oil also acts as a natural preservative, preserving the delicate taste and fragrance of the flower of salt for a longer time. As a result, fleur de sel lasts a lot longer than other varieties of salts and their prices are also quite a bit lower.

One reason why fleur de sel has such a lovely delicate scent is due to the fact that its essential oils are extracted from very tiny particles of seaweed. A great many sea salts, such as those sold at your local fleur de li and fleur de noirs, have a huge concentration of these essential oils. The smaller particles of seaweed are then carefully gathered from waters around Japan and China where they are harvested and taken to the factories where the fragile salt crystals are prepared for sale to salons and spas. The oils from these tiny crystals are distilled and passed through a process to create fleur de sel products which are used for everything from deodorant to shampoos and hair dryers.

Many people have the mistaken impression that fleur de sel must be quite expensive, and in fact it is not. In recent years it has become quite possible to buy the salt from France for a very low price – in some cases, you can get fleur de sel from France for less than $10! This is a huge benefit for many people as it means that you do not need to spend a great deal of money on high-end designer fragrances. As a matter of fact, the scent of this beautiful flower of salt may be enough to help you relax!

Fleur de sel does not just come in beautiful packets with a cute saying on the label. It tastes just like ordinary table salt, so you do not need to replace it with artificial flavors once you have used it once or twice. Although fleur de sel does not have fleur de lis or fleur de noir in its name, it does contain a considerable amount of iodine. Anyone who has eaten large amounts of iodine will know exactly what I mean when I say that it can make your breath smell like iodine.

You can buy fleur de sel either in packets with a decorative fleur de lis design on them or in unscented tins. If you choose to use the unscented tins, make sure that you read the instructions on the tin carefully before you sprinkle it onto anything. Make sure that you sprinkle it on clean, dry skin only. Buy a very small amount first, so that you do not risk spraying it all over your face and leaving a residue which dries out your skin. Sprinkle a little at a time until you achieve the desired delicate salt taste, and then put the mixture onto your hair and skin to enjoy!

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