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Facebook Messenger is a social networking platform that offers businesses an opportunity to interact with their customers in a very personal way. And with the recent addition of bots to the platform, it’s even easier than ever to reach out to a wide variety of consumers. These bots have the power to make your business more efficient by automating tasks and increasing your customer’s engagement. However, you need to be careful with how you use the bots.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is using Facebook Messenger to revolutionize ordering pizza. This new feature is part of the company’s “next frontier” of ecommerce. It promises conversational ordering and customer support.

In the past year, Domino’s has been rolling out a fleet of ordering options. Now, it has also introduced a bot on Facebook Messenger. With the help of AI and state-of-the-art technology, the company is now offering its customers a more convenient way to place and track orders.

The first step to ordering from the Domino’s bot is to pair your Facebook account with the chatbot. After you have set up your profile, you can begin a new order by sending a pizza emoji.

The Domino’s chatbot also features a full menu, which is another novelty. Users can choose from a wide range of available pizzas. Once the order is placed, you can track it via a special tracking code.


HealthTap is a medical chatbot that provides users with answers to health-related questions. It also helps them search for information on conditions and symptoms.

The bot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn about a patient’s medical history, and the company claims that the bot has over four billion answerable questions. Users can get answers by typing a question or sending a message to the bot. Some questions are routed to a human assistant.

HealthTap offers users free answers on its app and a premium service that allows users to video-chat with doctors. It has a network of over 100 U.S. licensed physicians in 141 specialties. This allows the company to offer a more personalized and efficient experience.

To start the conversation, users must select their location and symptoms. The bot then asks for personal details and then takes a few seconds to analyze the data.


Facebook messenger bots for business are a great way to provide automated information to customers. They can also be used to interact with brands, reducing the technology fatigue of consumers.

Fandango, a movie ticketing service, is one of the first companies to adopt a Messenger bot. Its bot provides users with show times, tickets, and information on movies. In addition, it shows movie trailers.

As the nation’s leading digital network for movies, Fandango has developed a number of new ticketing experiences. Now, it’s expanding those efforts to Facebook.

The new Messenger chatbot is called “M,” and it’s an in-app virtual assistant. When you talk about movies, M will start asking questions about your preferences. If you respond, M will present you with a button to buy tickets through Fandango.


If your company offers a range of products or services, a Facebook messenger bot can be a real game changer. You can boost customer engagement, enhance productivity and generate leads. It’s a simple and easy-to-implement system that can improve your bottom line.

The best part is that it’s free. You can build and test a chatbot in just a few minutes. Plus, it comes with reporting and analytics to show how your efforts are paying off.

Kayak, a travel booking site, has been using Facebook Messenger to augment their customer service. Their chatbot can answer a wide range of questions ranging from general travel advice to custom package recommendations. This can be particularly useful to first-time travelers.

Kayak isn’t the only company that uses Facebook Messenger to support their customers. The hotel booking site Hilton has also gotten in on the action.

Conversational commerce

Conversational commerce is a new technology that allows customers to interact with brands through chat and messaging apps. It helps businesses improve customer support, streamline the buying process, and provide a more personalized experience.

Messaging and chat platforms make it easy for consumers to get quick answers to questions about products. They can also use these platforms to compare different options, read reviews, and compare prices.

Voice assistants, or chatbots, can help customers with simple queries. For example, they can confirm orders, offer product recommendations, and add items to the cart. By providing users with a personalized shopping experience, conversational commerce can reduce cart abandonment.

A conversational commerce platform can integrate with various types of tools, including chatbots, to simplify the shopping process. Businesses can also remarket to customers using cross-channel advertising and platform-specific content. This is a great way to build brand awareness and generate revenue.

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