DIY Shelf Organizer Ideas For Your Home

DIY shelf organizer ideas are a great way to get your home organized. These ideas aren’t limited to your closet – you can use them to store everything from jewelry to beauty supplies. Even your flip flops can be organized in one of these creative solutions.

Organize your jewelry

There are plenty of DIY shelf organizer ideas to organize your jewelry. For instance, you can create a display board for your jewelry with wood pieces and a metal radiator sheet. This project will allow you to see all of your pieces at once. Another great idea is to repurpose old frames into a jewelry organizer.

Instead of hanging necklaces and earrings on a hook, hang them individually to avoid snarled knots. Hanging them also makes them more accessible and encourages you to wear them more often. You can also hang them on the wall if you prefer. You can also get creative by repurposing a painter’s palette into a jewelry organizer. The palette is outfitted with a footed dish, small bowl, and cup, making it a great way to keep your jewelry and accessories. It can also hold extra earring backs and makeup brushes. If you want a more minimalist approach, you can also use compartmentalized trays for storing your jewelry.

Another great option is a jewelry organizer that has built-in drawers. This kind of jewelry organizer will maximize vertical space. You can purchase them in different colors or materials, including glass and metal. Some are even fabric-lined. Some are modular, which means they have drawers on the bottom, which means you can easily rearrange them. You can also buy ones that have trays and inserts for holding your rings and earrings.

Organize your hair stuff

Organizing your hair products, tools, and accessories is an important aspect of space organization, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right place to store them. Your hair products and tools can quickly become a jumbled mess, making your space look untidy. Thankfully, there are several easy organizational ideas for your hair items.

One easy solution is to buy a plastic bin and drill drainage holes into it. You can even use it as a storage jar for your hair accessories. Just make sure you keep it out of reach of children! Another great solution is to use a wood storage shelf to store your hair accessories and jewelry. This will help you keep all your items neat and organized, and it will keep your jewelry and hair accessories in easy view.

You can also consider using over-the-door shelves to organize your hair accessories. You can use these to store your hair clips, bobby pins, and hair ties. You can also use Stasher Pocket Bags to store hair elastics and bobby pins.

Organize your beauty supplies

If you have a lot of beauty supplies, one DIY shelf organizer idea is to use a makeup lazy susan to hold them. Makeup lazy susans are great for storing brushes, jars, and cups, as well as smaller makeup containers such as small silicone trays. They also help you organize your makeup by category and type.

Another great DIY shelf organizer idea for beauty supplies is to use shoe boxes and phone boxes. These containers can be divided according to product size, making them easy to find and access. Or, if you don’t want to buy a makeup tray, you can also make your own using cardboard strips. You can also use other materials to create dividers.

Clear drawers are also a great way to organize your makeup. They can be used to organize your beauty supplies and save you a ton of space. Using clear drawers makes it easier to see what you’re looking for without having to dig around in a drawer. And because these shelves are transparent, you can easily switch out the different containers to suit your needs.

Floating shelves are another great DIY shelf organizer idea. You can also organize your makeup products by color, which is another great way to organize them. You can also convert an old shoebox into a makeup storage box. Just make sure to buy the right color shoebox and a pair of scissors. It can hold quite a few beauty products and make for a great DIY shelf organizer idea.

Organize your shoes

If you have piles of shoes that aren’t easy to find, consider using DIY shelf organizer ideas to organize your shoes. These ideas will help you store your shoes and keep them from getting lost or damaged. You can make as many of these storage solutions as you want and need depending on the type of shoes and space you have in your home.

A simple shoe ladder can hold several pairs of shoes and can be painted to match your decor. It is the perfect place to store your shoes and can serve as a display area. A simple shoe basket is another way to keep your shoes organized. These baskets can be placed on the top of the stairs or in a common shoe storage area.

You can also use shelves to display your shoes by type and color. If you wear heels frequently, consider adding some draped shoe hangers to your closet. These can save a lot of space and eliminate the need to search for shoes. These storage solutions also add decorative appeal to the room.

If you don’t have any space in your home for a shoe rack, you can try using tote bags. These storage solutions can easily be moved from one room to another. You can use these organizers in your closet or under the bed to save space. Another option is to use bins from the dollar store. Remember to label these containers so you know what they are for.

Organize your accessories

You can create a DIY shelf organizer using items you already have. Whether you have old frames or unused jars, you can make something attractive out of them. These shelves can be used to display your sunglasses and studs or you can use them to store jewelry. There are many different DIY shelf organizer ideas that can help you organize your accessories.

A hanging jewelry organizer is a simple but chic way to store your jewelry and accessories. You can also use clear acrylic file dividers to organize your accessories. These organizers can help prevent your jewelry from tangling and will make accessing them a snap. You can even use them to store dirty duds.

Organize your office supplies

If you need to keep your office supplies organized, there are a few DIY shelf organizer ideas that can help you. Organize your office supplies in groups and categories that make sense to you. Then, put those items where you will use them the most. For example, you can put all your sticky notes in one place, and file your important documents in another. You can also use bins to organize your supplies, and place heavier items lower.

Another way to keep your office supplies organized is to use adjustable desktop shelves. These are useful for a variety of reasons, including book storage and a filing system. They also make great home office organization ideas. You can even use old storage boxes and baskets to organize your items. These are both cheap and practical ways to keep your office supplies organized. And, since they are made from recycled materials, they won’t take up a lot of space.

Decorative containers are another option for storing small supplies. Small decorative bowls and cups make great holders for pens, pencils, and other small items. You can even use re-used coffee pods as a desk organizer, since they’re eco-friendly. And, of course, they’re cute!

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