VIDEO: Seeking justice for victims of rape in Minova, DRC

By Elaisha Stokes

US colleges and the military are starting to get serious about sexual assaults. A Pentagon campaign sparked a 50 percent increase in reports of sexual assault. In the case of both colleges and the military, the victim usually knows the attacker. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has often been referred to as the rape capital of the world, women there too are looking for justice, but they must do it literally under the veil of secrecy.

Seeking Justice in Minova from Ground Truth on Vimeo.

Elaisha Stokes traveled to the DRC with the International Women’s Media Foundation in January 2013. Follow her on Twitter.

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I Fell Into a Burning Ring of… Applause?


When he brought his accordion to the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif on the New Year’s festival of Norouz, reporter Gregory Warner was hoping to jam with some traditional Afghan musicians. He didn’t realize he’d be asked to get on stage and play a tune.

But why was Johnny Cash such a hit? Hear the rest of the story at


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Game Theory and Giving: A Mathematical Approach


Game Theory & Giving (a mathematical approach to altruism) from Lisa Rau Cannon on Vimeo.

What makes people give? Can math help?

Lisa Rau and Emily Frost take an interdisciplinary approach to studying altruism through the mathematical lens of game theory. …and puppets. Take a journey with us, set to the lovely sound of the accordion.

DISCLAIMER: Only one puppet was harmed in the making of this video. Paper rips.

 Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 2.17.11 AM



Japan Revealed Though Food


  • This is me, center, with Shiho and her mom, Minako,.
  • Minako tried so hard to make me feel at home. She created an American teenage dinner: hamburger and spaghetti with a Japanese twist. Egg and udon. Yummy!
  • Sticking to the rules: no dyed hair, no tatts, no piercings
  • There is no goofing around here at Tatsuno High School. Maybe it was because it was a review class, but no one asked questions. They just sat and listened.
  • Gym class, no sweat!
  • Commuting!
  • Bullet train food!
  • The Radiation Center in Kitoshiobara
  • The Disaster Museum in Tokyo
  • Faces of Japan\'s hope for the future . . . my friends!

Zipping Through Japan

This video was made by Topanga Messenger.

A Look At The World



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Snapshot: Sunbathing Clothes

Laundry dries in a township community outside of Knysna along the N2 Highway on a stretch known as the Garden Route. c/o Kaitlin Parker