Bending Borders Showcase: Japan



Japan revealed: Friends, food and photos

  • This is me, center, with Shiho and her mom, Minako,.
  • Minako tried so hard to make me feel at home. She created an American teenage dinner: hamburger and spaghetti with a Japanese twist. Egg and udon. Yummy!
  • Sticking to the rules: no dyed hair, no tatts, no piercings
  • There is no goofing around here at Tatsuno High School. Maybe it was because it was a review class, but no one asked questions. They just sat and listened.
  • Gym class, no sweat!
  • Commuting!
  • Bullet train food!
  • The Radiation Center in Kitoshiobara
  • The Disaster Museum in Tokyo
  • Faces of Japan\'s hope for the future . . . my friends!

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